Johnny Russell

Johnny Russell started out playing guitar and after a few years he picked up the banjo. He joined the Snow Valley Boys Band as their banjo player. When the Snow Valley Boys decided to go separate ways Johnny Russell began to play banjo with The Muletwon Band out of Creedmoore, NC. While playing with Mule Town they ended up needing a new mandolin player and that is how Johnny Russell met Brooke.
Brooke began playing with The Muletown Band along side Johnny Russell and that is how he became acquainted with The Cagle Family.

When The Cagle Family needed a banjo player to fill in whenever they had bookings Johnny Russell was the first one to come to mind and highly recommended by Brooke Cagle May. He began playing with the family band at all their bookings.

Johnny Russell went home to be with the Lord Monday, March 11, 2019. Even though we miss our dear friend very much we know he his playing in the heavenly choir and we will get to pick with him once again some day. He was the best banjo player we knew and more than a friend, he was family.

“It is an honor and pleasure to pick with The Cagle Family. I couldn’t have met a nicer family and musicians than The Cagle Family.” -Johnny Russell